Blood Test

Anti-Aging by the Sea

Cynthia N. Frazier, MD

Wellness Center located in Southport, NC

Are you getting all the nutrients you need for a healthy body? Dr. Cynthia Frazier at Anti-Aging by the Sea in Southport, North Carolina, offers specialty lab blood testing to check the levels and functionality of nutritional components in your blood. This is a highly accurate way to identify deficiencies, and prescribe effective treatment to correct them.

Blood Test Q & A

What is specialty lab testing?

Specialty labs perform blood and urine testing using technology that is new and innovative. Many of the newer tests are not widely offered outside of specialty labs, however, it is worth keeping in mind that many of today's standard lab tests began in these innovative labs.

What is micronutrient testing?

Micronutrients are critical for normal cellular function and metabolism. Specialized labs can test blood or urine for vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other nutritional components and/or metabolites.

Who is a good candidate for micronutrient testing?

Many people can benefit from micronutrient testing. Proper nutrition is essential in the prevention of disease, in the prevention of aging, and in maintaining optimal wellness. Patients who struggle with stress, chronic exhaustion, and depressed mood may be good candidates for this type of testing. People who have to take a lot of medications for symptom relief may be good candidates, as well. Sometimes the conditions causing those symptoms can be prevented with some lifestyle changes.

By choosing micronutrient testing, it may be possible to enhance your immune system function and prevent chronic diseases in the future. Even people who are in good health can benefit from this type of testing, as it allows them to identify emerging deficiencies before they become a serious problem. Micronutrient testing is done with a simple and quick blood draw that will take just a few minutes.


What type of changes should be made after micronutrient testing?

The test results will include specific recommendations for changes. This includes recommendations for supplements and may also include recommendations for dietary changes. Dr. Frazier works with each patient and uses their test results as a starting point in taking proactive steps towards improved overall health and wellness.