Detox Specialist

Anti-Aging by the Sea

Cynthia N. Frazier, MD

Wellness Center located in Southport, NC

Detox is a great way to change your course and refresh your body and mind for improved health and wellness. Dr. Cynthia Frazier at Anti-Aging by the Sea in Southport, North Carolina, helps her patients develop a customized detox diet and supplement plan that aids their bodies in the elimination of toxins that are slowing their systems down.

Detox Q & A

Why do toxins accumulate in the body?

Our environment is filled with dangerous substances that can affect our health, including:

  • Xenobiotics: Foreign substances
  • Toxic chemicals: Chemicals in food or the environment that are hazardous to our health
  • Endocrine disruptors: Dietary and environmental chemicals that create an imbalance of hormones

The human body was designed to rid itself of toxins, but the toxic load in modern society continues to grow. As we age toxins accumulate in our bodies. Chemical preservatives in processed foods, pesticides on fresh produce, hormones in meat, mercury in fish, BPA in plastic, and phthalates in health and beauty aids. The list continues to expand daily. Many people don’t feel well simply because their total body burden of toxins is high. As the toxic burden increases so does the risk of chronic disease. You can take control of the situation through a detox program at Anti-Aging by the Sea.

How does detox work?

At Anti-Aging by the Sea, the detox program focuses on supporting the biochemical pathways that can help remove toxins. Detox is primarily centered on dietary changes, and it may also include supplements that support improved liver function. A detox diet includes fresh fruit, fresh veggies, and plenty of water. Dr. Frazier can recommend foods that help the body detoxify quickly and safely. During a detox diet, patients usually won't eat processed foods at all. The length of the detox diet can vary based on the individual patient's needs. Once the body has been detoxified, many patients find that they feel so much better that they're able to maintain improved eating habits.

Why does a detox plan help people feel so much better?

While the liver and kidneys are usually quite efficient at eliminating toxins, they may struggle to keep up when a person regularly ingests too many toxins through their diet. Highly processed foods tend to contain large amounts of food additives, solid fat, and extra sugar. This can drag the body down, as it struggles to process these unhealthy things efficiently. In a detox diet, the patient doesn't ingest processed foods at all, which helps the body get caught up in eliminating toxic build-up. This often translates into feeling more energetic, more focused, and healthier.

Are there any side effects to detox?

A detox diet can have some minor side effects as the body adjusts. This may include some bloating and cramping, but these things generally resolve quickly. Most patients feel that the overall improvement in health is well worth any mild temporary discomfort.