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Anti-Aging by the Sea

Cynthia N. Frazier, MD

Wellness Center located in Southport, NC

Proper skin care that includes preventive measures such as sunscreen is essential in maintaining beautiful and youthful skin. Dr. Cynthia Frazier at Anti-Aging by the Sea in Southport, North Carolina, will help you find skin care products that you love! 

Skin Care Q & A


What is Elta MD®?

EltaMD offers a complete line broad spectrum sun protection. All of their products are formulated with zinc oxide. Transparent zinc oxide reflects and scatters the UVA and UVB radiation. Daily sunscreen should be a routine for everyone. UVA rays age the skin causing pigmentation changes, wrinkling, loss of elasticity and increase the risk of skin cancer. UVA radiation is not affected by the weather. It is present all day every day of the year.




How do I choose which treatment?

Schedule a consultation. Dr. Frazier will evaluate your skin and give recommendations based on your skin type and areas of concern.