Anti-Aging by the Sea

Cynthia N. Frazier, MD

Wellness Center located in Southport, NC

Supplements can be an excellent way to bring the body back to a state of balance and wellness. Dr. Cynthia Frazier at Anti-Aging by the Sea in Southport, North Carolina offers a range of supplements that can be custom chosen for your individual needs. Options include leading supplement producers Metagenics® and NuMedica®.

Supplements Q & A

What’s the difference between ordinary supplements and pharmaceutical grade supplements?

Many supplements, including those found at the local drugstore or local grocery store, aren't always closely regulated. Dr. Cynthia Frazier at Anti-Aging by the Sea recommends pharmaceutical grade supplements. These types of supplements are produced using strict manufacturing practices. There are many excellent brands of pharmaceutical grade supplements such as Metagenics, Numedica, Douglas Labs, Prothera, and Klaire. A limited stock of these supplements are available at Anti-Aging by the Sea.

What is Metagenics?

Metagenics was created in 1983. The company's goal is to help people achieve optimal health through gene influence, an area of science known as nutrigenomics. Metagenics takes a personalized approach to supplements. Each person may need a different supplement regimen, and Metagenics has created a wide range of products to meet virtually any nutritional needs.

All Metagenics products are non-GMO, and only the highest quality ingredients are used. While Metagenics is more costly than the supplements available at the drugstore, it's also far higher quality. Patients who choose Metagenics supplements know that the extra cost is worth the superior health benefits. Metagenics produces supplements including stress relief supplements, hormone support formulas, detox formulas, and more.

What is NuMedica?

NuMedica offers premium quality nutraceutical products that are manufactured with the strictest quality control standards. NuMedica is a leader in the world of science based supplements. Many physicians around the world, including Dr. Frazier, offer NuMedica because of its high quality and excellent results. NuMedica creates supplements of all types, including immune system support supplements, probiotic blends, hormone support formulas, and many more.

How is a supplement regimen designed?

Supplement regimens are designed on an individualized basis. A specific type of blood testing, micronutrient testing, is especially helpful in determining which nutrients are deficient in the body. With the results from micronutrient testing, Dr. Frazier and the patient can work together to design a supplement regimen that works well for their specific needs.

How often are supplements taken?

This can vary widely based on the specific type of supplement. Many supplements are taken just once a day, but some may need to be taken as much as 3 times a day.